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Take your comfort at home to the next level with ZipBlind®

Direct Sun no more!

Enjoy the sunlight without taking on the full brunt of the searing heat on your skin. Zipblind® blocks of most of the sun’s heat entering your balcony which takes away most of the heat that enters your home. Heck, even your floors wouldn’t feel like lava anymore.

Rain? More like mist.

Ever wanted a cool misty breeze coming into your home? Well, now you can enjoy that with ZipBlind® alongside the power of rain! Never again will you have to shut your balcony doors and watch a mini pool form when you could be chilling in it with a cool mist blowing at you. Hey, why not get some exercise done while it's raining? That'll definitely make for a really good way to cool yourself off while exercising!

Feel that breeze.

At some point in your life, you've definitely seen a natural disaster happening right in your home creating a chaotic mess. All caused by strong gusts of wind. You know what? ZipBlind® turns that into an opportunity for you to experience Earth's natural air-con without causing all that chaos. Couple that with some cool mist from the torrential rain and you've got the perfect power-saving air conditioning unit!

More room to live in.

Balconies these days are getting out of hand. Some are even larger than the indoor space of the house itself! Thankfully, Zipblind® is here to reclaim the space that is rightfully yours. You know what that means? More space to do things your way! Live your dream of having a private outdoor jacuzzi or even a BBQ pit!

Ready to link up with your home.

There's no denying that Smart home technology is essential to the modern local. So we've made ZipBlind® to be ever ready for your Smart home vision. Get a hub ready, and everything's as simple as pairing over the hub's app.

Pests begone!

A tropical country such as Singapore is bound to have all sorts of pests. But what can you do about them when you want to ventilate your home? You can only think of opening the window to let air in right? Oh, you've already read though this page and all it's benefits. Of course we can solve this issue! With your Zipblind® down, no pests can enter. At the same time, enjoy all the wonders of nature while you bask in whatever mother nature throws at you!

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