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It's official! ZipBlind™ is Singapore's Award Winning Outdoor Blind.

In an evening filled with elegance and innovation, ZipBlind™ proudly stood among the select few to receive the coveted Singapore Good Design Award 2023. The event, a gathering of design luminaries from across Singapore, was a celebration of exceptional designs across disciplines that seamlessly blend form and function to enhance lives. ZipBlind™, the award-winning outdoor blind, shone as a testament to its commitment to excellence.

The awards ceremony, a suit-and-tie affair that exuded exclusivity, brought together designers and innovators from diverse fields. It was a moment to share the success stories of award-winning creations that have left a lasting impact on the design landscape. Amidst this gathering of creative minds, ZipBlind™ emerged as a shining star, recognized for its remarkable design that redefines outdoor living.

The guest of honour, Ms Indranee Rajah, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered an inspiring congratulatory speech. Her words echoed the sentiment of the evening – the acknowledgement of outstanding design that elevates the quality of life in Singapore and beyond.

The Innovation That Stole the Spotlight: ZipBlind™ with Integrated LED Lighting

ZipBlind™ has always been about addressing real-life challenges faced by homeowners. The journey to winning the Singapore Good Design Award 2023 began with a personal experience. During a friend's housewarming dinner on a patio, the abrupt sunset left guests in the dark, highlighting the need for outdoor lighting. ZipBlind™ answered this call with an innovative solution - the integration of a slow fade LED strip.

This LED strip not only provides ambient lighting but also enhances safety by illuminating outdoor spaces in the dark. What started as a solution to a common problem has since become an exciting innovation for ZipBlind™ customers, setting a new standard in outdoor blinds.

SG Mark: A Benchmark of Excellence in Design

The Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) has earned its reputation as a benchmark of design excellence. Established by the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) in partnership with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the SG Mark is a symbol of exceptional design quality with far-reaching impacts on businesses and communities.

Design, once seen as a mere aesthetic, has now become a driving force for growth and productivity. Organizations recognize the immense value of investing in design principles, processes, and offerings that enrich lives and elevate experiences.

ZipBlind™'s recognition by SG Mark not only validates its innovative design but also underscores its commitment to enhancing outdoor living experiences. The award-winning outdoor blind stands as a beacon of elegance, functionality, and safety in the realm of design.

As ZipBlind™ takes its place among the distinguished winners of the Singapore Good Design Award 2023, it continues to shape outdoor living spaces with innovation and style. With its integrated LED lighting, it brings a touch of elegance and safety to every patio and balcony. ZipBlind™'s journey, fueled by user feedback and inspired by real-life experiences, exemplifies the power of design to transform everyday living.

The Singapore Good Design Award 2023 was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of design's capacity to improve lives. ZipBlind™'s success at this prestigious event is a testament to its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. As an award-winning outdoor blind, ZipBlind™ not only transforms outdoor spaces but also illuminates the path for future design innovations. With its integrated LED lighting and commitment to addressing real-world challenges, ZipBlind™ truly shines as an exceptional design solution.


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